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Sons Embody The Worst Qualities of Their Fathers

A catch-all log for Shouyou and his students.
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He had never known kindness like this.

No one had ever been willing to touch him with gentle hands, let alone carry him. Not only had this man touched him like he was something harmless - something cute, probably, as he'd called him - but now he seemed to have decided that this monster was something he would look after.

And this monster didn't entirely know why, but he wasn't running away. He was accepting this warmth, this closeness, this kindness, because for some reason there was no doubt in him that it was genuine.

Even though he still couldn't understand why.

For the first time, he felt like he could relax. Like he could let his guard down, and maybe even rest. He wasn't dosing, but he was drifting away, watching the trees and clouds as they passed by until this weird man spoke again. Then, he lifted and turned his head, blinking slowly at the brown hair in front of him, before leaning a little to the side to look at what "here" was.


He wasn't familiar with that word.